MaxiGrip Ice Studs
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Screw in Ice Studs for Off-Road & Work Vehicles

Introducing the NEW HM 35 Ice Stud

Every winter, municipalities, lumber yards, farmers, and homeowners face the same problem—poor traction due to harsh winter conditions. Heavy equipment such as tractors, fork trucks, and skid steers have to operate on icy surfaces and demand optimal traction.

MAXIGRIP ice studs provide superior traction for equipment with clearance tolerances where tire chains are not a viable option—tire chains will not fit or may cause damage to the equipment. They are also a great alternative to having a second set of studded winter wheels.

MAXIGRIP ice studs are easy to install, durable, and can be used season after season. Do not let your operators slip and slide this winter. They can dig in with MAXIGRIP Ice Studs.

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