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MaxiGrip Ice Stud Installation GuidelinesINSTALLATION GUIDELINES
Always check that the tread depth is sufficient before installing. DO NOT fit a stud that is too long for the tread depth, i.e. an 18 mm stud requires a minimum 20 mm tread depth. 3 mm of the stud should be raised above the tire surface, which gives a margin of 5mm between the tip of the stud and the cord. Cord thickness varies between 4mm and 20mm depending on the tire type. There are several stud sizes available, if you are unsure of the tread depth, always choose a shorter stud size.

The MaxiGrip HM ice stud is easily installed and removed with the supplied installation tool. The tool is initially set to provide the recommended 3mm projection of the stud above the tire surface. The projection may vary depending on the resistance of the rubber; in some cases the tool must be reset to accommodate the variations.

For optimal traction, prior to installation, lay out a pattern that places a stud on as many contact points as possible. We recommend marking points on the tire with white chalk.

When installing, remember, the correct distance between the tire surface and top of the stud is 3 mm.

MAXIGRIP HM ice studs can last for several seasons. At the end of the season, the studs are easily removed and stored for use again the following season.

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